Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ringing in the New Year with a Bang

I spent this New Years Eve out with some straight friends at a college bar not expecting any action, but mix lots of drinking with horny straight frat guys and you never know. It was about 2am and people were starting to leave the bar and this one hot jock kid who had been making out with a hot girl most of the night was pissing in the alley next to the bar. He saw me watching (and kind of getting turned on by it) and just looked at me and smiled as he was leaning up against the wall pissing. Still watching me watch him, he starting shaking his thick cock after he finished. Damn, I was hard now! He just kept smiling and watch me get turned on. I was disappointed to see him put that hot cock back in his pants, but he did and starting walking back toward the bar. As he passed me he said he needed to piss again so he was going into the bar's bathroom, smiled at me, and kept looking back at me as he went in. Fuck, I was being cruised by a fucking hot straight frat boy with a nice cock. I followed him into the stall and shut the door. Now I've been with a couple of dudes who are straight, and getting a blowjob is about as "gay" as they'll go, so what happened next was a nice surprise. He whipped out his cock and I did do as if we were going to piss in the toilet. But next thing I knew, this you was behind me rubbing his cock in my crack. And man, was he full of precum! Enough, in fact that his cock slid right in my hole (or maybe I backed up on it making it slide in my ass!) I lost it and starting pumping his cock with my ass and he shot his load quick. It was a quick, dirty fuck which is just how I like it!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Schools Back In

So I'm back at school and I had fuckin' awesome summer. Fucking and getting fucked. Partying and loads! Does it get any better?! So, the best thing about being back at at school? The freshmen! Guys who are away from home for the first time, a lot of them discovering their sexuality (and of course, I'm happy to help them "discover" it!). Not a lot of action so far this school year. I did fuck a cute 18 year old from Ohio who's still in the closet. We met on Craiglist, and he lives here on campus. He said he's only been fucked once before and he only plays safe. We met up in his room, and sure enough he had rubbers and asked me to put one on and go slow fucking him. He laid face down on the bed, and I started fucking (with the rubber on; he kept reaching back to feel if it's on). As he got more and more into it and started to really like it, he reached back and I'm not sure if he meant to or it was by accident, but he pulled the rubber off (I think he meant to). I almost lost it, and less than a minute later I was loading up his 18 year old hole with a massive load! He hasn't emailed me again since we fucked. I think he liked it too much and is embarrassed he took my load... Maybe he thinks I think he's a whore or something. I do, and I like it!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Where can I find this?

So it's been a busy summer (that's why I've been MIA for a few months). With school out, I had plenty of time to fuck and get fucked. Even got fucked by a very hot, well known porn star with a fuckin' huge cock at gay pride in NYC(won't name him because he fucks "safe only" and he doesn't want the world to know he's a bareback fuck pig who loads tight raw holes. So now getting ready for school, so had to get in some action this weekend. Partied a little and got a little bit piggy for two days (okay, a lot piggy for more like three day straight!). Hoping to get piggy like this bottom does with this hot top before the summer's over! Lucky pig bottom!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Straight? Really?

On I was looking on Adam4Adam (which I only use when there's nothing good on BarebackRT) and a guy messaged me. His profile didn't have a picture, so like all profiles without a pic, I ignored it.

He messaged me again and said he's looking, discreet because he has a girlfriend (why there's no pic), and wanted to know if I was looking.

Hmmm, the having a girlfriend thing got me interested. Straight dick? Love it!

I wrote him back asking for a pic and gave him my email address. Nothing and then he logged off.

But then later that night I checked my email and there it was, and he was hot! 22, dark brown hair, muscles, and a nice thick cock. He kind of looked like one of those Corbin Fisher models (which now fuck bareback!).

And then when I logged into Adam4Adam he was back online. I messaged him saying I got the pic and he was cute. He said his girlfriend came over earlier which is why he logged of but he was free now. And he lived close to campus.

He was looking to get sucked off and "maybe more" (I hope that means ramming that hot straight cock in my hole raw!).

So he came over and...

I'll have to finish the story later. Running late for class but trust me, it's worth waiting for!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Antonio Biaggi

I totally want to get fucked by Antonio Biaggi! Damn, the cock is so fucking hot and Antonio's always shoots a fucking hot load.

Check out his blog

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

First Weekend Being Single: Mission Accomplished

With no jealous boyfriend to worry about I had a weekend my hole and dick have been craving for a while now. Loads given:2 Loads taken:4 My kind of weekend!

It's good to be single... I think my single hole is hungry again! Gonna cruise for a load or two. ;)

Friday, March 9, 2012

What a waste!

So I've been quiet for a while now because I was dating someone and didn't want to get "caught" by him chronicling my adventures (albeit I've only messed around behind his back only a few times. Including once with a bareback porn star bottom I bred at a bathhouse. Yum!)

Anyway, I dumped his lame ass (and equally lame dick and hole) and I'm back to giving and getting loads. Why limit myself to just one person, right?

So, It's Friday night and I think I'm going to go to the club and pick up a trick or two. ;)